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Welcome to Garku Village Trek

Here is a place worth a visit. Our driver from the hotel will drive you with our guide to the destination of Garku a busy place on the edge of your memorable journey, from here a walk through the old town of Garku and winding up the slopes into a completely different world of of small villages. This it is a perfect way to see this area of Nepal, within 2 hours you will be arriving at Nareshowr and stop for some food and stay over night. The next morning you will start your walk to Nayasanghu river approximate 3.5 hours and rest. From here you will start your climb on the other side of the mountain and climb up to Dankhu village, from which you can see the whole valley.

The light and feel of this area is some what overwhelming at first, the villages one by one come out to see who has arrived don't be surprised when the whole village comes out at Dankhu. Here life is simple and is one of the most enjoyable places to visit. Your not find it on a tour guided trip, this is special to Hotel Garden.