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Mustang 4 day trip

Visit Mustang the highest settlement in Nepal. read more


Chitwan 4 day trip

Stay in a Raja Hotel, life like a king, safari 4 day trip. read more


Gurkha Village 5 day trip

With out doubt this is an experience of a life time. Go hunting at night working the corn and experience the simple harmony of village life.

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Fly tandem flight from a high point above the Pokhara lake, or need guide/fly we provide driver/jeep and Instructor. read more


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City of Kathmandu

Kathmandu offers many days of sight seeing and is a local starting point for most travelers. Dating back from 1,992 years ago, it is rich in history and color of many generations influence upon the City. Busy with people in there daily activities and although the streets are busy, the pace of life is slow moving in the busy streets. Driving on the main ring road is best done in a taxi and do not be alarmed at how crazy the driving is, it all works fine. And in the Kaso you will blend into the tranquility and atmosphere of life.

Durbar Square palaces of the Malla and Shah take about 4 hours to walk around, the whole place looks older than time before. Carvings in wood are still perfectly intact and date by to 12th and 18th centuries.



Places to visit with Hotel garden