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Mustang Safari
Chitwan 4 day trip

Stay in a Raja Hotel, life like a king, safari 4 day trip. read more


Garku Village 5 day trip

With out doubt this is an experience of a life time. Go hunting at night working the corn and experience the simple harmony of village life.

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Fly tandem flight from a high point above the Pokhara lake, or need guide/fly we provide driver/jeep and Instructor. read more


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Welcome to Mustang

Mustang is a journey and an adventure all wrapped up in a sauce of Indian Jones adventure, just four days traveling by car, bike, donkey and foot. You will experience the openness of life in Nepal and the atmosphere as well as the altitude will increase with each and everyday.

First you will be driven from the hotel Garden, Jeep and private driver to Dhampus, then onto Ghandrung by 4 pm you will arrive at the Hot Springs of Tatopani, here you will enjoy the relaxation of the hot springs situated outside at the foot steps of your accommodation, after a refreshment and change of cloths, sample the local atmosphere crafts in the streets. When you are ready come down to an out door setting with a cold beer and food, if you have room a full on assorted chocolate cakes awake you.

The next morning your Donkey ride awaits to take you on towards Ghasa, this part of the journey you will meet some interesting people, imagine a dollar a day workers prepare the new road, or 50 donkeys carrying the famous Mustang apples coming down a path, that has been walked on the past 500 years. Either way bring a camera, the landscape is vast and could be compared to so many film sets, but as you climb higher and you have just got used to the change, it all unfolds again to a different scenery.