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Mustang 4 day trip

Visit Mustang the highest settlement in Nepal. read more


Chitwan 4 day trip

Stay in a Raja Hotel, life like a king, safari 4 day trip. read more


Garku Village 5 day trip

With out doubt this is an experience of a life time. Go hunting at night working the corn and experience the simple harmony of village life.

read more



Fly tandem flight from a high point above the Pokhara lake, or need guide/fly we provide driver/jeep and Instructor. Watch video


Kathmandu 4 day trip

Dating back from 1,992 years ago. read more


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Tandem Paragliding and Courses

Courses can be arranged  through www.freeflightbrighton.co.uk tandem flights can be arranged through the hotel garden reception.



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