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Mustang 4 day trip

Visit Mustang the highest settlement in Nepal. read more


Chitwan 4 day trip

Stay in a Raja Hotel, life like a king, safari 4 day trip. read more


Garku Village 5 day trip

With out doubt this is an experience of a life time. Go hunting at night working the corn and experience the simple harmony of village life.

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Fly tandem flight from a high point above the Pokhara lake, or need guide/fly we provide driver/jeep and Instructor. read more


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Nepal Weather

Pokhara: weather in Winter is 15 degrees Celsius in the day time and around 30 to 35 Celsius in the Summer. The best time to visit is October to March. You could compare these months to a good English Summer, but with little wind, so it is just like your childhood memories of Summer days, they start early and last all day. June to September is rainy season.


Kathmandu: October to February, days are warm, the streets are narrow and allow little sun shine and day time is warm, but in the evening I would have a jacket at hand. June to August is light rain and a simple umbrella is a good choice, which you can buy for a around a pound.


Mustang: Whatever time of year bring out door cloths, this area is windy and dry with hot sun in the day time. A guide is a very good idea when visiting these areas on the way, such as Jomsom, a guide and accommodation can be obtain from the hotel, an excellent place to stay is at Brickrans and on the way take advantage of Tatopani hot springs and afterwards enjoy the food outside in the garden and I would treat yourself's to chocolate cake, best I have tasted in Nepal.


Guka Village: September to January out door cloths to bring are shorts, shirts, boots and long sleeved tops. Sun here can be very strong when you arrive at the village. Evening time long trousers and long sleeved top is best. Temperatures remain warm through out the night, but do expect a small drop in the over all temperature. The mornings at 6 am sun will start to rise and cloud base can often be below the village.